The Shrink and Week 10 point spread moves 

November, 12, 2009

Ken Weitzner did what he was expected to growing up in Long Island: Go to college, go to med school, become a psychiatrist. But what he wanted to do was gamble. In high school he once got busted by the principal for using the school copy machine to run off betting sheets -- Ken was the school bookmaker. As a student at Emory he suffered a few bad beats too many and wound up down to a bookie for $10K. His mom had to pawn a ring and come down to Atlanta to help him pay down the debt.

You'd think he'd have learned his lesson. And he did. Sort of.

Because even while doing his doctoring, he was still thinking about the plays he could make, still tracking what was happening in the gambling world. In the mid-90s he started a newsletter called The Prescription, which covered the growing online sports betting industry. Two years later he turned it into a Web site,, that became a must read for bookmakers and sharps. He sold it for a couple mil in 2001 and then, in 2005, started a new site. This one, called Eye on Gambling (, "is a place for gamblers to share their experiences good and bad about offshore books," says Weitzner. "This is an unregulated industry and someone has to be the watchdog so no one gets ripped off. It's hard enough to beat the bookmaker without getting cheated."

Oh yeah, he's not a bad handicapper, either. One of the best head-to-head contests in Vegas is the "Money Talks" Tournament, run by Leroy's sports books. Every week sharps and amateurs, who pay $5,000 to enter, pick games in a bracket-style tournament. Win and they move on. Lose and they go home. Last year Ken, known as "The Shrink," beat out 16 players to win it all, and picked up $50,000. This year, looking to repeat, he's made it to the tourney semis.

He's also the featured handicapper for today's NFL line moves column. He drops his knowledge, including a betting breakdown for the Colts-Pats in the biggest regular-season game this year, below: