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Beating the Spread in the Playoffs


Updated: December 30, 2008, 5:54 PM ET

If you're just a fan, it's nice to know how your team did at home and on the road. But if you're a bettor, straight wins and losses don't compare to wins and losses against the spread (ATS in Vegasese.) That's the surest barometer of whether or not you're making a safe play and should be a weighty measure when you're putting together power ratings.

Take this weekend's Ravens-Fins matchup, for example. The Dolphins were 5-3 at home, while the Ravens went 5-3 on the road, making this game the equivalent of Sophie's Choice. Now, let's look at each team's record ATS: The Fins went 2-6 at home. The Ravens went 6-2 on the road. Suddenly you're choosing between a 3G network and a landline, right? No brainer, you go with the Ravens (the bookmakers certainly did.) Thanks to the ATS records Wynn bookmaker John Avello gave me, you can play this game throughout the playoffs.

Check them out:

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