FBA: All Star Advice

It's simple really: The NBA season is roughly two-thirds gone, and you're either master of your domain or you need to make a move. Now. Time to man up or start working on those predraft rankings in your baseball leagues.

Waiting on Yao Ming or Antawn Jamison to come riding in on a white horse to rescue a slumbering fantasy squad is no game plan. It's a cry for help. Standing pat now gets a fourth-place team exactly what it deserves: fourth place. Sound grim? It is. You'll have to take some risks you wouldn't (and shouldn't) have taken just a month ago, and most of those gambles won't pay off.

But let me blow some sunshine up your kilt: There's no better time than the present to take inventory, assess needs and formulate a strategy that still can yield a championship. A fantasy roster, just like a sore hammy or a creaky back, can use some massaging during the All-Star break. With five days between games and the trade deadline looming, owners should use the time to examine the standings, take an honest look at the makeup of their teams and get to work. Construct trade proposals, fill your free-agent watch lists and put together contingency plans for injuries or the inevitable plummet back to earth of an overachiever.