FFL: Week 15 Recap

Originally Published: December 19, 2005
By Jason Langendorf | Scouts Inc.
I'm not mad at you. Not really, anyway. But to all of you basking in the glow of a run to the championship game in your fantasy league, well, I have nothing to say to you right now. Call me back later. Give me a few minutes to cool off, collect my thoughts and dislodge my adidas from my TV screen.

A quick rundown of my fantabulous 2005 fantasy football season:

The PC Load Letters, 12-team public league: After winning a neck-and-neck race for the regular-season crown on the coattails of RB LaDainian Tomlinson and little else, I folded like a bad Joan Rivers facelift in the semifinals of the playoffs. The other guy had Tiki Barber (24 points) and Tom Brady (23) this week. Hey, what do you do?
Jason Langendorf is the boxing editor for ESPN.com.