FBA: Trades, Wade, Other News

Ever get one of those utterly un-hilarious gag gifts, some miniscule item packaged in a crate big enough to haul a Barcalounger? All hype and promise, no substance. A big heaping helping of nada. That was Thursday's NBA trade deadline.

Not that it came as a major shock. The action never amounts to more than a fraction of the talk, and we already had one blockbuster (December's Allen Iverson-Andre Miller-various whatnots swap) in the hopper. But otherwise, this year's dealings were particularly punchless. The stars stayed put, which meant other fantasy-relevant figures -- Luol Deng, Andrew Bynum, et al -- weren't moved. No major shakeups. No significant value shifts. No fun.

But there is news. There's always news. D-Wade's dinged up. More Pacers perps. Even a potential Pip redux. Here's what it means to you: