FBA: Market Watch March 5

Updated: March 5, 2007, 7:53 PM ET
By Neil Tardy | Special to ESPN.com
There was a time when Corey Maggette was an up-and-comer. And a time before that when Shaquille O'Neal intimidated the NBA's best and baddest. And a time before that when Stephon Marbury was Starbury.

Darned if it isn't 2004 all over again. And 2002. And 1999. All rolled into one.

If you had Maggette, O'Neal and/or Marbury on your fantasy team all this time, I'm not sure how you survived the first half of the season. But you're thriving big-time now, as Maggette picks up the pieces of a shattered Clippers back court, Shaq picks up the slack for Dwyane Wade in Miami and Marbury picks up the Knicks and carries them on a playoff run. (Yes, New York is 10-7 since Jan. 25. That constitutes a playoff run in the Eastern Conference.)

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