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Originally Published: October 24, 2005
By Jason Langendorf | Scouts Inc
The easiest thing in the fantasy world is to make a first-round pick in an NBA draft. Easier than a Paris Hilton joke. Easier than a 16-game season against the Houston Texans. Unlike football and baseball, basketball has very few DEFCON 1-level disasters waiting to happen. And you know who you are, Daunte Culpepper and Curt Schilling.

Later picks are even tough to muff in hoops leagues. Full-fledged breakouts usually are those everyone sees coming or aren't entirely apparent until two months into the season, after someone who took a shot in the dark on the waiver wire realizes they've struck gold with a GF Bobby Simmons or PG Damon Jones. The mega-flops often turn out to be the aged (PG Sam Cassell) and infirm (PF Chris Webber), players savvy owners tend to avoid or downgrade in the draft anyway.

Jason Langendorf is the boxing editor for ESPN.com.