Top 12: Marte on brink of promotion

Updated: July 13, 2012, 1:38 PM ET
By Kevin Goldstein | Baseball Prospectus
Note: The top 12 fantasy prospects (players currently in the minor leagues) for 2012 are below. These rankings are a bit different from other prospect rankings; these are strictly for 2012 fantasy purposes. So not only do talent and recent performance play a role in the rankings, potential paths to the big leagues also factor in. All young players in the minors are eligible, including those in "prospect purgatory" -- those who have exceeded rookie status but are still young and unproven commodities.

After two weeks -- we featured the Top 12 prospects at the Futures Game last week -- there has been a lot of movement in the Top 12 for '12. There have been a handful of call-ups, and a few prospects have slumped of late, but more importantly, it looks as if several players are in line to get some big league time in the second half.

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