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These three stars demand their idols get a second HOF look

Updated: June 22, 2009, 11:27 AM ET
ESPN The Magazine

The following story appears in the June 29 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

Jamie Squire for ESPN The MagazineFreeney and Dent talk shop.

What more did they have to do? The revolutionary pass-rusher ranks sixth all time in sacks. The crafty curveball-slinger won more games than nearly 40 enshrined starters. The gritty right wing set a new standard for physical play. Yet ex-Bear Richard Dent, ex-Twin Bert Blyleven and ex-Islander Bob "Thor" Nystrom just can't break down the doors to their Halls of Fame. Well, in the hopes that a big-name endorsement might sway a critical mass of voters, Dwight Freeney, Joe Mauer and Mike Komisarek stepped up to testify on behalf of their heroes. Because sometimes it takes greatness to recognize it.