Sox over Rox 

October, 24, 2007
Hey, Jayson Stark's not the only one. Tyler Kepner has the Rockies in 6:

Of course, the more important factors are the on-field ones. Jeff Francis is for real, and he'll beat Josh Beckett -- if not in Game 1, then in Game 5. The Red Sox have never seen the gangly, hard-throwing Ubaldo Jiménez, who starts Game 2. And I saw Fogg humble a hot Yankees team in June, so I'm a believer in him in Game 3.

The factors that matter most in October tend to be strikeout pitching, defense and a dominant closer. Both teams are strong in those areas. The Rockies' hitters are terrific -- they have major power, and with Willy Taveras and Kazuo Matsui, they can play small ball, too. And Troy Tulowitzki just looks like Derek Jeter circa 1996.

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