No alibis for Manny's defense 

July, 19, 2007
So last night I'm watching the Red Sox and the Royals, and in the fifth inning Boston's TV guys engaged in what I thought was an odd exchange. Don Orsillo's a pro, and Jerry Remy's one of the best analysts working. So please don't consider this a general indictment; just a specific one.

Orsillo: [Mark] Grudzielanek drives it to deep left field. It's off the wall. Manny plays the carom as [David] DeJesus [is] gonna try and score. Manny bobbles it out there in left field, DeJesus will score, and Kansas City back within a run, as Grudzielanek ends up at second base.

Remy: Right off above the scoreboard, and it bounces over the head of Manny Ramirez, and that's going to allow the run to come home.

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