TideNation hands out offensive awards

Running back Trent Richardson takes top honor for Alabama offense

Originally Published: January 10, 2012
By Alex Scarborough | TideNation
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Alabama's defense grabbed the majority of headlines in 2011, and rightfully so. But the offense deserves recognition for doing something often overlooked in an age when offensive records are shattered like bad light bulbs - it simply produced. The offense didn't make mistakes and scored when it had to. Other than a nice ham sandwich, there's not much more a coach could ask for.

Alabama turned the ball over the third fewest times of any team in the nation, a stat valued above all by most offensive coordinators. The Tide also finished in the top 20 in third-down conversion percentage, red zone efficiency and time of possession. Considering the national storyline spun around the Tide's ineptitude on offense, you'd think these numbers were a lie.

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Alabama/SEC reporter