The art of recruiting 3-point shooters

Rick Pitino was all-in right away, but Jim Boeheim had to warm up to the idea

Originally Published: November 3, 2011
By Dave Telep | Recruiting Nation
The game-changing 3-point shooters connect on 45 percent of their shots and not only have precision accuracy, but possess the flair for the dramatic. At critical moments in the game, the 3-point bombardiers have the uncanny knack of unleashing a barrage that cannot be overcome. The impact of the 3-point shot has left an indelible imprint on today's college game.

In the 1986-87 college season, the first full year of the 3-point shot on the national collegiate stage, then Providence coach Rick Pitino needed a gimmick to help the Friars compete in the Big East. Unable to specifically recruit 3-point shooters in time, he made a bold move: Pitino committed his program to launching trifectas.