Florida State Seminoles

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High ranking: 19 - Low ranking: 35


Who they have: Let's wander into the head of coach Leonard Hamilton for a minute and pick his brain. In analyzing his program and tendencies, Hamilton seems to favor particular positions. First, he loves guys who can score. He plays them until the tread on their tires is gone. If you can put it in the hole, Hamilton's playing you heavy minutes. He's also not afraid of nurturing young big men. This year, Hamilton added both types of recruits. Canadian wing Xavier Rathan-Mayes is a perimeter sniper. One of the most accurate shooters in the EYBL, Rathan-Mayes is also a legacy recruit. His father, Tharon Mayes, played for the Seminoles. Joining Rathan-Mayes is frontcourt addition Jarquez Smith, who is laced with potential but hasn't figured it out yet. When you speak of Smith, you tend to speak of what could be. The fact is he could be an elite shot-blocker but he's enamored with being a small forward. Leave it to Hamilton to rein him in and teach him the ways of the ACC and making money post-college. These are two good players -- one a sure thing and the other an upside guy.

Who they want: Here's where this chapter of FSU recruiting history could truly be historic. Mitchell Wiggins was a standout in Tallahassee in his time. However, his greatest gift to the program could be his son. Andrew Wiggins, the nation's No. 1 prospect, is Mitchell's son and he has played with Rathan-Mayes since he could dribble. FSU's all-in on him and been recruiting him as if he was a senior even when he was still classified in the Class of 2014. It won't be easy, though, as FSU is battling Kentucky and the Wildcats don't miss on many prospects they want.

-- Dave Telep, RecruitingNation