What's the key to the Pacers-Heat series? 

May, 20, 2013
Haberstroh By Tom Haberstroh
ESPN Insider
In the 2011-12 playoffs, the Indiana Pacers were the team that forced the Heat to implement Erik Spoelstra’s title-winning vision. If Chris Bosh’s injury was the fuse, the size of the Pacers provided the gunpowder to make it all happen. Spoelstra’s big plan? Go small, space the floor and slay the opponent with speed.

It was unconventional, but it worked. The Heat countered the Pacers’ enormous stature up front (David West and Roy Hibbert) by going in other direction -- align Shane Battier or LeBron James at the nominal 4 while playing only one traditional big man. The rest is history.

This time around, the big plan to go small likely won’t change.