Elite 11 Takeaways: Cook's rise for MSU 

July, 17, 2014
Connor CookJeff Gross/Getty ImagesAfter getting the starting job midseason in 2013, Connor Cook led the Spartans to a Rose Bowl win.
BEAVERTON, Ore. -- There’s a stereotype for quarterbacks in the middle of the country as two-dimensional scheme guys, robots programmed to run tried-and-true offensive systems by routinely handing the ball off.

But spend a few minutes around Michigan State Spartans QB Connor Cook, and that thought process is quickly short-circuited. While working as a counselor at the recent Elite 11 Finals at Nike HQ, Cook stood on the sidelines, wearing shades and spinning a ball in his hands. Sauntering around the field, the Ohio-born Cook sported the kind of confidence that goes a long way at his position, a measure of poise and swagger that can be infectious in the huddle and lethal on the field.

“Are you sure he’s not from California?” an onlooker asked. A year after helping the Michigan State offense improve its status from liability to relative strength, Cook appears ready for Hollywood. It’s not just the confidence that grabs your eye.