Ranking teams losing the most talent 

January, 17, 2013

Miles & Stoops & ShawUSA Today SportsLSU's Les Miles, Oklahoma's Bob Stoops and Stanford's David Shaw have major holes to fill.
With 70-plus underclassmen having announced they're turning pro, it got us thinking: Which programs are losing the most talent, both to the NFL and to, well, more natural causes, like graduation? (Spoiler alert: LSU leads the way, with a jaw-dropping 10 juniors leaving. Even so, Les Miles doesn't exactly sound panicked.)

Let's get something straight from the outset: This post isn't to say these teams will struggle in 2013; rather, it's just pointing out how much they'll have to replace next season. Alabama, for instance, is the ranked second in this assessment and yet, last week, I wrote that it would be the clear-cut favorite to win the national title in 2013.