Should playoff include eight teams? 

August, 16, 2014
2009 Alabama Kevin C. Cox/Getty ImagesIf an SEC champ somehow gets shut out of the playoff, calls to expand to eight teams will follow.
As we count down 50 days until the start of the 2014 college football season, ESPN Insider Travis Haney is answering at least one big question a day until South Carolina and Texas A&M’s kickoff on Aug. 28.

Heisman contenders, breakout freshmen, conference winners -- it will all be covered as part of Insider’s Ultimate Season Preview.

Today’s question: Should the playoff have started at eight teams?

Yes, ideally, because the current “playoff” is literally an invitational; the committee ultimately decides who's in. Merit is defined by a 13-person panel.

But as we gravitate toward autonomy and the Power Five is entrenched, the conference that gets left out of the four-team model -- or more than one league, potentially -- will raise hell. And that's why I believe we'll see an expansion to eight teams in the coming years.