Will Florida's offense improve in 2013? 

March, 13, 2013

Jeff Driskel, Will Muschamp Kevin Liles/US PresswireFlorida coach Will Muschamp believes Jeff Driskel is in for a big junior season in Gainesville.
The Florida Gators' coaching staff would have engaged in a period of offseason self-examination even if the 2012 season had not ended with the Sugar Bowl thud against Louisville. But the 33-23 loss to the Cardinals, one that felt more disparate, left Will Muschamp and his assistants with more to reflect upon in what the coach calls the program's quality control sessions.

In those sessions, Muschamp has the offensive coaches break down game film of the defense and vice versa. The counterparts share thoughts on what worked well and what did not. Muschamp says, in a way, it works the same way as opponents' scouting reports; it's the way other teams evaluate the Gators on both sides of the ball.