How GMs prepare for trades 

June, 11, 2011

Major League general managers usually begin more serious trade discussions the weekend after the June draft. The communication within the GM family increases dramatically during this time period with phone calls, texts and emails. These conversations mostly involve a discovery period -- touching base with all 30 teams to find out what their needs are and which players might become available between now and the July 31 nonwaiver trade deadline. These needs can change on a weekly or bi-weekly basis because of injuries, change in a player’s performance or a long winning or losing streak, turning a team from a buyer to seller or vice versa. Therefore, GMs stay in constant communication the rest of the way.

If the clubs feel like there is an obvious fit, initial trade proposals will be exchanged. These proposals are normally low-ball type offers that begin the process. Some deals are made in June, more by the All-Star break and most the last week in July. Some GMs make the trade negotiation process long and drawn out; others don’t play games and get right to the point. The process doesn’t matter as long both parties understand each other.