Deals for Danks, Quentin and Floyd 

December, 15, 2011
John Danks, Carlos Quentin, Gavin FloydUS PresswireThe White Sox need to rebuild and it starts with trading Floyd, Quentin and Danks.

After working so hard to build a team, it’s twice as painful to break it down after plans go awry. That’s the cyclical nature of baseball, however, and it’s come time for the Chicago White Sox realize they are at that point.

With the AL Central champion Detroit Tigers far superior to the White Sox at this point and the farm systems of the Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians ripening quickly, the White Sox will become a perennial doormat if they don't start getting younger. And as Matt Meyers points out elsewhere on Insider today, the new collective bargaining agreement is designed in such a way that the White Sox are better off tearing things down now.