Eight franchises that did well in the 2015 MLB draft

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I prepare for the MLB draft just like any executive would. We're talking weeks of phone calls and texts to scouts and executives from all 30 teams, hours upon hours of studying video and analyzing scouting reports, and reading and listening to individual player interviews with the media. As I wrote just before the 2015 MLB draft, I loved preparing for the draft as a general manager, and I still do as an analyst.

In most years, when the draft is complete, it's difficult to tell which teams did well and which did poorly. There are too many variables yet to be determined and we simply don't know how these players will play at the next level. This year was different. There were a number of ways teams could have played their hands, and I felt eight teams played theirs better than the others.

With that, here are the teams I feel can stand up and take a proverbial bow right about now, beginning with the best overall draft:

1. Houston Astros

The Astros had the best draft, which, in a sense, was to be expected; they certainly benefitted from having two of the top five picks in the draft. But their solid picks didn't end there, as they also were the first team to secure three of the top 10 options on my draft board when they somehow landed Daz Cameron with the 37th overall pick after he fell because of signability questions. Now the only question is whether they'll be able to sign all three of them, a challenge that won't be easy within their slot allotments.