Stanford's Randy Hart coaches last drill of 46-year career

An epic coaching career is over, and it ended Thursday in gritty fashion -- at 6 a.m. on the practice field, at the helm of the grind known as winter training.

Stanford defensive line coach Randy Hart announced his retirement after 46 years of coaching this week. On Thursday the football program tweeted this video, showing Hart coaching his final drill:

Back t the Rose Bowl, I didn't yet know that Hart was going to retire. But I took this video of him during warmups anyway, because his fiery passion always comes through well on camera:

Randy Hart: "Are you kidding me?! This is the Rose Bowl! Do it again!"

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It turns out that would be the last Rose Bowl warmup session Hart would ever conduct after having been involved in 10 trips to Pasadena as either a player or a coach.

And though Hart was known for his demanding style, it was certainly at least a tad mellower than what he experienced as a player at Ohio State in the 1960s. Hart recently talked about his experience playing as an offensive lineman for Woody Hayes. The legendary coach once kicked Hart in the rear and told him to "go stand in the corner" for calling the wrong blocking scheme in practice.

Times have changed. And now Stanford must evolve, too, since one of the fixtures of its staff has coached his last drill.