For OSU fans, a long-lasting stain 

May, 30, 2011

Jim Tressel AP Photo/Charlie NeibergallOhio State fans will be dealing with the impact of Jim Tressel's resignation for quite some time.
For the May 30, 2011, issue of ESPN The Magazine, senior writer Ryan McGee wrote the cover story on the allegations, scandals and violations -- Jim Tressel's and Ohio State's among them -- that have consumed college sports over the past year. Following the announcement of Jim Tressel's resignation Monday, McGee followed up with this column.

Jim Tressel is gone. However, the damage he leaves behind won't be cleaned up for a very long time. Maybe never.

The most serious wreckage has nothing to do with whatever NCAA sanctions may or may not come down the line at a future date. And those whom it affects the most don't work in Ohio State's administrative or college football offices.