Ref scouting report for LSU-Alabama 

January, 7, 2012

LSU-AlabamaStreeter Lecka/Getty ImagesWill Tyrann Mathieu and LSU fare as well against Alabama the second time around?
This isn't exactly the best time to be bugging the men in black and white for opinions. A normally quiet group has found itself in the midst of some very high-profile feuds. First, Pac-12 officiating consultant (and Fox Sports analyst) Mike Pereira called out ESPN analyst Jon Gruden; then, we had the rarest of all officiating occurrences, when ACC coordinator Doug Rhodes publicly questioned the Pac-12 crew in the Sugar Bowl for overturning a would-be Virginia Tech Hokies TD.

Luckily, here at the Zebra Report, we started asking officials for BCS team scouting reports before all Hades broke loose. All season long we've sought the insight of the only people actually allowed on the field with the teams, and the refs' takes have been pretty spot-on. Last week they gave an inside look at the first four BCS bowls.