Vols, others could see quick turnarounds 

November, 9, 2012

Derek Dooley AP Photo/John AmisIf Derek Dooley is let go, Tennessee should have several interested candidates.
In the days leading up to Ohio State's Oct. 27 meeting with Penn State, I was chatting with a Big Ten coach about the success of both schools in their NCAA sanction-laden seasons. Heading into the contest, the Buckeyes were 8-0, and the Nittany Lions had won five straight after starting the year 0-2.

"You shouldn't be surprised," the coach said. "No one should. Yes, Urban (Meyer) and Bill (O'Brien) took over messes. But there was certainly no lack of talent or resources in those programs. Never will be. They were just rudderless. The table is always set at places like those two, you just have to have the right cook in the kitchen."