After being called a cupcake, Utah gets some cupcakes, too


Dear @popularmechanics, Thank you for the cupcakes. They were delicious. Yours truly, #utahfootballfamily

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In the most recent edition of Popular Mechanics, the editorial staff ran its typical calendar feature with what to know and when.

Like so many others, they're also anticipating the football season and decided to note Sept. 4 -- this season's kickoff -- as a day to be aware of because "college football season gets underway tonight with the University of Michigan in a cupcake game against Utah." Alongside that was a photo of Michigan running back Derrick Green.

Unsurprisingly, the Utes didn't take too kindly to that kind of talk. And Green might feel the result of it when he goes up against the Utah front seven in Rice-Eccles Stadium.

"Our team is always juiced no matter what," receiver Kenneth Scott told FOX's Salt Lake City affiliate. "With that little thing they put in our locker room about us being a cupcake game, it definitely puts more intensity into the game just because of that little statement."

But the Utes also got another gift for their locker room. Only, instead of some salty words, they got some sweets.

More specifically, cupcakes from a local Salt Lake City bakery along with a note that read "To the Utah Utes football program: We heard you guys have been reading Popular Mechanics. On behalf of our entire editorial staff -- even the rabid Michigan fan who writes the monthly calendar -- we want to wish you luck next week. Sincerely, Popular Mechanics."