Mocking up Arizona's 2-deep


What is Arizona -- the defending Pac-12 South champ -- going to look like in 2015? Daniel Berk of the Arizona Daily Star takes a stab at it with a mock depth chart.

Projected depth charts that come from beat writers can sometimes be more accurate than the depth charts the coaches release -- because the guys in charge have been known to play fast-and-loose with their two-deeps. Or, sometimes they treat it like a school assignment they forgot about and simply threw it together the night before.

A few notable comments from Berk:

  • Anu Solomon played well enough this spring to hold on to his job as the No. 1 quarterback.

  • Freddie Tagaloa, the Cal transfer, will “anchor” the line at left tackle. With the Wildcats replacing three starters up front, the timing of this transfer seems pretty serendipitous.

  • The wide receivers are going to be good again. Berk didn’t write that, but going up and down the list of names, and its certainly something to be excited about if you’re a Wildcats fan.

  • DaVonte’ Neal’s move to cornerback looks to be a productive one for the defense -- especially with Jarvis McCall not going full speed this spring due to injuries. Gave Neal plenty of extra reps.

And in other Wildcats news, the depth chart will likely feature another four-star quarterback in 2016 with the announcement that Las Flores (California) quarterback Devon Modster committed to the Wildcats.

“I think last season showed where Arizona is headed," Modster told Berk.

This announcement comes a few weeks after four-star athlete (though being recruited as a quarterback) Khalil Tate (Gardena, California) committed to the Wildcats.