NHL Daily Links - Jan. 2 

January, 2, 2014
The big talk this week in hockey circles surrounds the announcement of rosters for the Olympic games. Team USA made their call following the Winter Classic on Wednesday, and there is already a ton of debate over which players deserved to make the team (but didn't), and those that perhaps didn't deserve to make it (but did). For an incredible look at how the roster was shaped, check out Scott Burnside's story from this week. Burnside was granted unprecedented access to the process, and his story shows it.

On the Insider side of things, Craig Custance explored the winners and losers of the announcement, while Neil Greenberg explored the players who were the biggest snubs based on analytics. And don't worry, there will be more teams to debate and discuss as other countries make their decisions ahead of the Jan. 7 deadline. For now, let's hit the links around the rest of the league.

The Toronto Maple Leafs got a new contract done for Phil Kessel, US Olympian, out of the way on the eve of the season, and secured Dion Phaneuf earlier this week. That's great, but their cap situation this season and next isn't (even after dealing John-Michael Liles). According to capgeek.com, they have $71.1 million committed to just 13 players. Something's got to give, and likely will prior to the trade deadline (and perhaps this summer as well).