Turmoil at top of new mock draft 

April, 11, 2012

DraftAP Photo/ The Canadian Press/Aaron Vincent ElkaimThe Edmonton Oilers won the rights to the No. 1 pick, but will they keep it?
Are the Columbus Blue Jackets really upset that they lost the first overall pick during the NHL's draft lottery Tuesday night?

Will the Edmonton Oilers, the team that climbed over the Jackets to claim the rights to the No. 1 pick, actually keep it? And if so, who will they take when the entire hockey world has made it clear that they need a defenseman?

As the lottery was finalized Tuesday, it's clear that the top of the first round is anything but settled. The scenarios have already started piling up, and now I'll throw mine into the mix with my updated Lottery Mock Draft.

My initial thought is that Edmonton will look to trade the pick and try to acquire a solid, NHL-proven defenseman. Working in the Oilers' favor is the fact this draft is teeming with impressive defensive prospects. In fact, Edmonton could probably even trade down to the bottom of the lottery and still find a future blueliner with top-four potential.