Biggest draft busts since 1990 

December, 27, 2011

Kyle TurrisDave Sandford/Getty ImagesWhile he has time to turn it around, Kyle Turris has fallen far short of expectations.
It doesn't take long before analysts begin throwing the B-word around: bust. Take the recently traded Kyle Turris, for example. He was drafted in 2007 and thus far he's severely underperformed on expectations as a No. 3 pick. So much so, in fact, that he ranks as one of the biggest busts since 1990 -- so far.

But even so, the luster of being a talented top prospect doesn't wear off quickly. In fact, the Ottawa Senators traded a good -- and potentially great -- defenseman, David Rundblad, to Phoenix for Turris, showing that there are some around the league who still think Turris can be a good player.