Why Cook wants to be listed at WR 

March, 2, 2013
Jared Cook of the Tennessee Titans gained 523 yards receiving in 2012. That ranked 20th among tight ends, but it would have ranked 68th among wide receivers. As far as Cook is concerned, though, he belongs in the latter group. It's not a trivial distinction, either. In fact, could mean the difference in millions of dollars for Cook and the Titans. Jim Wyatt of The Tennesseean reports that the Titans are likely to franchise Cook to prevent him from reaching free agency. Kareem Copeland of NFL.com, though, says that if that happens, Cook will argue that he spends more time split out wide than with his hand on the ground, and as such he should be guaranteed wide receiver money, not tight end money.

"The franchise tag for a wide receiver ($10.537 million) is worth more than $4 million more than that of a tight end ($6.066 million)," Copeland writes. "It's easy to see why Cook would take up that fight."

Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley was ready to make the same argument last season, but it never came to that as he signed a new deal before free agency began.