Jets hoping to find a taker 

February, 3, 2013
League sources tell ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that the New York Jets have no intention of releasing Tim Tebow. They'll keep the "quarterback" on their roster in the hopes that some other team will be willing to trade for him.

Unfortunately, the likeliest location for Tebow, Jacksonville, seems to be out of the conversation after hiring a new general manager who has gone on record as having no interest in Tebow's services.

The Jets can't trade Tebow before March 12, and it seems very unlikely that they'd be able to get even a late draft pick for a player that the team seemed to have no use for in 2012. If he's still on the Jets when training camp begins - and it's looking more and more like that will be the case - it might be best to try and convert him to a fullback or wide receiver.