More touches per game for Spiller? 

July, 15, 2014
According to the Bills' official website, C.J. Spiller is likely to touch the ball 20 times per game "if the offense is operating at peak efficiency."

That sounds wonderful in theory, and no one can argue Spiller's versatility, explosiveness and ability to take over a game, but I just don't trust that he can hold up to such volume.

There are few players in the league like Spiller. He is capable of aligning all over the formation and could quickly become EJ Manuel's best friend (along with Sammy Watkins, who not only is a deep threat, but also excels in the short game and after the catch). The Bills want to run a high-tempo offense with a lot of plays and a high percentage of runs. We could see more one-back sets with four wide receivers to spread the field with Manuel in the shotgun. That seems perfect for Spiller, and frankly it is. But what has he shown in his career to suggest that he can withstand that sort of punishment over the long haul?