Will Bills run away with Bon Jovi? 

April, 11, 2014
Back in November there was buzz that singer John Bon Jovi was part of a Toronto group that was interested in purchasing an NFL team. It appears that interest has piqued now that the Buffalo Bills are going up for sale.

"[Bon Jovi's personal publicist Ken] Sunshine would not elaborate, nor comment on reports linking Bon Jovi to any group bidding on the Bills, based in Toronto or elsewhere," wrote John Kryk of the Toronto Sun

"But a Toronto source in the position to know, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Sun Media that reports from last November, echoed Thursday morning by Bleacher Report’s Dan Pompei, remain accurate. That Bon Jovi is the face of a Toronto-based group intent on obtaining an NFL franchise, via relocation, and expected to bid for the Bills."