Titans not worried about kicker? 

April, 10, 2014
We don't spend a lot of time rapping about rumors concerning kickers. That's mostly because there aren't many rumors concerning kickers, but also because they aren't noticed much until they miss a kick. Right now, the Tennessee Titans aren't missing Rob Bironas after releasing him last month, but coach Ken Whisenhunt knows that could change.

"I am confident that we'll have a guy you can depend on. How comfortable am I in that? Until we miss the first kick in practice, then my comfort level will go down a little bit," Whisenhunt said with a smile. "But that is a part of this process. I think there will be opportunities, whether they are on this team right now, or at some point, we'll have somebody we're comfortable with."

At this time, Maikon Bonani is the only kicker on their roster, but he should expect to have some competition before OTAs begin.