How will Lions split backfield touches? 

March, 20, 2014
The current expectation is that new Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi will bring his version of the New Orleans Saints offense to the Motor City in 2014, which would include regular use of two running backs in the backfield.

"You're going to see some more two-back sets," Lions president Tom Lewand told a small crowd this week, according to Kyle Meinke of

"I think you'll see some of that incorporated into what we do," he said. "What I really like about Coach Lombardi's, as well as Coach [Jim] Caldwell's approach is, 'Let's get as many weapons on the field as we can and try to use them strategically.' It's a very adaptable offense, and they want to use the talent and the guys that we have, not just one back at a time because that's what the personnel group calls for."