Measuring the intangibles 

September, 2, 2013
McCarron Daniel Shirey/USA TODAY SportsAJ McCarron has a championship pedigree, but does he have an NFL arm?
Evaluating quarterbacks demands more attention to detail than any other position in football. He is in charge; not only of the offense but also is seen as the leader of the entire team.

First, and foremost, a quarterback must have the physical tools to succeed at the next level. This includes his measureables, his accuracy, arm strength and his mobility, which is becoming more of necessity with the evolution of the game. In addition, intangibles have just as much value when evaluating quarterbacks. Leadership, intelligence, work ethic, character, resolve and competitiveness are a few of the traits that can be considered. There should be a strong balance between the two.

Seattle QB Russell Wilson is a perfect example of that balance.