Nickel Package: Five-year QB averages 

March, 20, 2013

We spend more time evaluating tape on quarterbacks than any other position for obvious reasons. In addition to regular tape study, we spend dozens of hours re-watching tape specifically studying quarterbacks on "pressure drops." In addition to studying the tape, which makes up a large portion of the final grade, we must take into consideration certain results from combine and pro day workouts, as well as information I get from NFL teams regarding "intangibles," medical evaluations and psychological evaluations. Once all of the information is digested, it's time to give each quarterback a final grade.

One part of my grading process is to go over the past five drafts. There's a tendency to grade players higher or bundle them closer together because you're caught up in the moment. By making sure the grades are in line with the QBs from the previous five years it helps me keep things in perspective.