B.C. Eagles flying under the radar 

October, 28, 2013
Andre WilliamsGreg M. Cooper/USA TODAY SportsBoston College running back Andre Williams is one to keep an eye in the draft process.

I was in Chapel Hill, N.C. for the second weekend in a row to scout Boston College at North Carolina. This was my first look at Boston College and my third view of the Tar Heels this season. I was most intrigued to see Eagles RB Andre Williams (Scouts Inc. grade: 30) who is currently an under-the-radar back who has created some buzz among scouts.

Williams is listed at 6-foot, 227 pounds and looked every bit of it during warm-ups. He appears to have long arms and a sturdy build throughout his frame. Most impressive was his lower body. Williams has thick and powerful legs with enormous hamstrings.

During the game, Williams ran with above-average determination and behind his pads. He appears to have excellent power and balance as a runner, and he consistently was able to churn out yards after contact.