New York Jets' rookie pool projection: $6.6 million for six picks


They drafted them, now they have to sign them, which is no big deal.

Because of the rookie cap and slotting system, the chore of signing draft picks isn't as complicated as it used to be. Things should go smoothly for the New York Jets, who selected six players. Their rookie pool is expected to be $6.6 million, according to Overthecap.com.

Fans tend to get too caught up in the overall salary-cap status of the team, but this should provide a pretty good idea of where things stand.

The six-man draft class will eat up $4 million in actual cap space. You subtract $2.6 million (the $435,000 minimum salary multiplied by six picks) from the $6.6 million pool, because these rookies will be replacing other minimum-salary players in the top 51.

The Jets have $10.2 million in cap space. Do the math, and they will have about $6.2 million in space after the draft class is signed. That should allow them enough flexibility to sign free agents and/or perhaps extend some of their own players, Muhammad Wilkerson being the most high-profile candidate.

The projected 2015 cap charges for the draft picks:

First round: Leonard Williams -- $3.4 million

Second round: Devin Smith -- $1.1 million

Third round: Lorenzo Mauldin -- $628,000

Fourth round: Bryce Petty -- $571,000

Fifth round: Jarvis Harrison -- $493,000

Seventh round: Deon Simon -- #453,000