NFC East Q&A: Bradford, Wentz and Daniel signings don't scare anyone in division

Eagles quarterback competition (1:04)

NFL Insider Dan Graziano talks about how league insiders view the Eagles quarterback competition. (1:04)

Today's question: However you rank NFC East quarterbacks, the Philadelphia Eagles probably had the fourth-best starter last year in Sam Bradford. How are the Eagles QBs viewed now that Bradford is competing with Carson Wentz and Chase Daniel?

John Keim, Washington Redskins: In better hands, for now and the future. But I’m not sure that changes their immediate standing. The Redskins respected Bradford last year, but there are always questions about him because of his durability and now he’s in another new offense. Also, it’s not as if he ever has been a top QB or even close to one. However, he’s still only 28 years old. But with Daniel they have someone who knows the system; if nothing else, it’ll help the other two learn Doug Pederson’s offense. With Wentz, they have their future. Last year, they might have had Bradford but nobody really knew if he or anyone else was their long-term guy. If you look at the NFC East, Eli Manning and Tony Romo remain the two most dangerous and most accomplished quarterbacks, assuming the latter is healthy. Kirk Cousins had a better year than Bradford ever has and has better talent around him, and the Redskins have a more experienced backup in Colt McCoy. I wouldn’t rank Bradford ahead of the other starting quarterbacks in the NFC East, but if the Eagles are right about Wentz, they’re in the best spot of any NFC East team when looking at the next 10 years. Of course, if they’re not …

Dan Graziano, New York Giants: Honestly, it may not be fair, but I don’t get the sense that Bradford really scares anyone. The popular opinion of him seems to be that of a guy who hasn’t lived up to his potential, who’s hurt all the time, and who’s made a bunch of money for not actually accomplishing very much. But the one guy in the Giants’ building who loves Bradford is defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who was his head coach in St. Louis at the start of his career. Spagnuolo says he still believes Bradford can be a top guy if given the chance and some continuity. Unfortunately, with the Eagles changing offenses again this year and having drafted Bradford’s eventual replacement No. 2 overall, it doesn’t look as if his chance for sustained greatness is going to come in Philly.

Todd Archer, Dallas Cowboys: I think I can state the Cowboys’ opinion of the Eagles’ quarterback situation like this: confusing. It’s not that they believe Sam Bradford is the greatest quarterback or that Carson Wentz will be a future star or that Chase Daniel wouldn’t be a solid starter. They just don’t understand why Philadelphia signed all three of them. It just doesn’t seem like the wisest salary-cap investment, but who are the Cowboys to talk about wise investments. The Cowboys got to know Wentz fairly well in the draft process having coached him at the Senior Bowl, and they would probably like to see him play since rookies generally don’t set the world on fire. Bradford looked confused at times when he played the Cowboys last year and great at times. That’s kind of his deal, right? Daniel, who grew up in Southlake, Texas, is the wild card, and I wonder if he would be the last guy they would want to see because they haven’t seen him play much and he would be most familiar with Doug Pederson’s offense.