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Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Alvin Kamara: TweetChat

By Kipp Adams

Running back Alvin Kamara (Norcross, Ga./Norcross) will decide between Alabama and Georgia on signing day, announcing his decision at 3:35 p.m. ET on ESPNU. While it was thought that the Bulldogs were the team to beat several times last year, it seems the Crimson Tide are sitting pretty to add a fourth ESPN 150 running back in the 2013 recruiting cycle.

On Monday night, he consented to answer some questions that were submitted by fans on Twitter using the hashtag #AskKamara. Be sure to follow him at @A_kamara6.

Alvin Kamara
Alvin Kamara says running back has evolved into a hybrid position.
@MaddenCPA: @KippLAdams @A_kamara6 #askkamara what was your favorite college football team growing up?
@A_kamara6 (AK): The University of Florida. I just liked the Gators and everything about Florida.

@TikeGooden: @KippLAdams What are your top 3 things you are looking for in choosing a school? #AskKamara
@A_kamara6 (AK): Comfort level, position coach and my teammates.

@TikeGooden: @KippLAdams Which is the more fun town, Athens or Tuscaloosa?#AskKamara
@A_kamara6 (AK): Both are fun. Athens is a lot of fun, but Tuscaloosa is more just because I am more comfortable there and I pretty much know where to go and what to do.

@TikeGooden: @KippLAdams What's been your favorite part of the entire recruiting process? #AskKamara
@A_kamara6 (AK): When it started and I was na´ve to all of the crazy stuff that is happening now. When I had my first five offers was my favorite part of the recruiting process.

@RollTideRichard: @KippLAdams #AskKamara How would you best describe your running style?
@A_kamara6 (AK): My running style is like a buff cheetah.

@BigBlackOnTrack: @KippLAdams who's faster, you or @KingAutry_23? #AskKamara
@A_kamara6 (AK): We have already been over this! Myles is quicker than fast. I always joke when we watch film that when he breaks a long run his heels hit the top of his back because he is trying to run so fast but he is really slow.

@Jerrythethird: @KippLAdams @A_kamara6 What role do you see yourself filling in year one? And how does it differ between the two schools?#AskKamara
@A_kamara6 (AK): I feel like if I can go into camp and do what I am supposed to do, I feel like I can go into camp, do what I am supposed to do on the field and off the field, and make an impact, give my team a chance to win a national championship, make some plays and hopefully get on ESPN.

At Georgia, of course I have to be ready to play no matter what the situation is. With Alabama, with all of the backs they have, I feel like I would have a significant role just because I am different than those other guys. You still have to work either way, so I am going to do what I have to do to come out on top.

@NPagnotta: @KippLAdams @a_kamara6 #AskKamara how does depth chart effect his decision?
@A_kamara6 (AK): It doesn’t. Simple as that.

@BBartB: #AskKamara Based on your observations, how prevalent are extra-benefits from coaches, schools, and/or boosters during the recruiting process
@A_kamara6 (AK): I am pretty sure everyone knows about it. Me personally, I have not received or even offered any benefits. We all hear stories about it and it is out there, it is just a matter of time before it comes back down to haunt some people. If it doesn’t, I guess then that it is recruiting’s best kept secret.