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Friday, January 18, 2013
Kamara talks in-home visit from Saban

By Radi Nabulsi

ESPN 150 running back Alvin Kamara (Norcross, Ga./Norcross) lives in the heart of a fiercely contested recruiting battle between Alabama and Georgia. He has received hundreds of letters, countless phone calls and innumerable visits from coaches. Kamara is used to answering phone calls from the likes of Nick Saban and Mark Richt. To him it is all old hat.

But it is not to his mother, Adama Kamara, who had Saban in her den on Wednesday night.

“At first she was a little star struck, I think,  but she won’t admit it,” Kamara said with a laugh. “Nick Saban sitting in your house? Yeah I think she was a little star struck because she wasn’t asking questions. I had to ask her if she had any questions and jog her memory.”

Alvin Kamara
ESPN 150 RB Alvin Kamara is set for his visit to Alabama.
Saban’s in-home meeting with the Kamaras was a precursor to their trip to Tuscaloosa this weekend.

“My mom has met Coach [Kirby] Smart two or three times and met Coach Saban once but never really talked to him," Kamara said. "Coach Saban wanted to make sure he talked to her before she came on the visit and let her know what they felt about me. He talked about why they recruited me and he gave a brief overview of what they are going to go over this weekend.”

The head coach also spent some time explaining what the future would hold for Alvin if he picks the Tide.

“Coach Saban was saying this is what Alabama is all about,” Kamara said. “Not the just the football part of it. He mainly talked about the academics and the life there. My mom was all into that. She was liking it.”

Saban spent time on the lifestyle part of Alabama since he had already spoken to Kamara about the football side.

“They came to the school earlier that day to see me and Coach Saban and I talked,” Kamara said. “Then later they came to the house so we talked there, too. You know all the talk of, ‘Alabama has all these backs,’ and stuff? Well, he broke all of that down. We talked about that situation. He talked about the injury report with Dee Hart and Jalston Fowler. Everybody outside looking in always includes Fowler -- who is a fullback -- and Dee -- who had two ACLs on one knee. You don’t judge a book by its cover.”

The nation’s No. 4 tailback prospect is tired of all the depth chart talk. He has remained adamant that he will not make a decision based on the rosters.

“I don’t care at all,” Kamara said. “I am running out of ways to say it.”

For example, Georgia announced on Wednesday that redshirt sophomore Ken Malcome would be transferring to look for more playing time. Kamara was ambivalent.

“That has no effect on me,” Kamara said. “If he would have stayed I would have still felt the same. With Ken Malcome gone I am not like, “Wow, now I am more interested in Georgia,’ or ‘I am leaning towards Georgia now that Ken is gone.’ It doesn’t matter.”

So what does matter?

“I have this visit then Georgia next weekend,” Kamara said. “I am just trying to see where I fit. I have got to be like MacGyver this weekend and look behind the scenes and everything to see if I am comfortable. Honestly, I can’t go wrong academically with either of my two schools that I am visiting. That will take care of itself. And the depth chart doesn’t matter. It is on me if I get the job done or not to put myself into the right position to get on the field.

“So it all comes down to how I feel, how I fit in. Being able to be myself and being comfortable in that environment at whatever school that is, Alabama or Georgia, that is what it is going to come down to. I catch vibes off of stuff and I’ve got to get a good vibe. You are the first person I’ve said that to.”