Big UW wins pay big recruiting dividends 

November, 21, 2012
SEATTLE -- As the scrum started to spread after fans stormed the field following Washington’s 17-13 win over Stanford, as fans finally began working their way toward the CenturyLink Field exits, and as the players started to make their way to the locker room, Tosh Lupoi found the three teammates from Bellevue (Wash.).

Myles Jack
Mason Kelly/ESPN.comWashington hopes its success this year, including two wins over top-10 teams, will be enough to flip UCLA commit Myles Jack.
On the sideline, not far from the section where recruits sit during games, Lupoi bounced up and down, circling Huskies commit Sean Constantine, UCLA commit Myles Jack and 2014 prospect Bishard “Budda” Baker.

As he spun around the teammates, Lupoi said, “What are you waiting for?” It was directed at Jack, who continues to be a top target for the Huskies, despite his commitment to UCLA. The addition of Jack would improve an already-strong recruiting class that is ranked No. 19 in the country.

Just like that, with one win, Washington had something to sell. The coaching staff instantly had an improved pitch that pointed toward future success, a program heading in the right direction after a win over a top-10 team.

That victory made an impact on Jack. It provided further proof for Constantine that he made the right decision to commit to Washington. It was a win that resonated with the other recruits on both official and unofficial visits.

“That was crazy,” Jack said the day after the game. “Just running in the middle of the field and being a part of that, getting to witness an upset like that, that was big. That was cool.”

A few weeks later, with the Huskies mushing through a three-game losing streak, Jack and Constantine were back in the stands to watch Washington beat Oregon State, 20-17.

For the second time in three home games, fans stormed the field after a win over a team in the top 10. This time, though, Jack and Constantine stood in stands and watched the mayhem from a distance.

“I wanted to, I don’t know, digest what was going on,” Jack said.