SMU coach shows social media monitoring for recruits

Coaches are often telling recruits to watch what they say on social media, because a tweet or facebook post can impact their recruitment. SMU defensive coordinator Van Malone went one step further by tweeting out a detailed look at how the staff actually monitors commits and targets.

SMU isn’t the first coaching staff to do this, but it shows a little more of the actual process.

Duke defensive backs coach Derek Jones has become known for tweeting out warnings and advice as well, often telling recruits how their staff feels about social media.

Jones has even warned prospects of software that can help coaches monitor their tweets.

With more and more pressure on college coaches to win, thorough, in-depth evaluations are required of every prospect. That now includes monitoring how a player conducts himself publicly on social media.

Fair or not, coaches aren’t going to risk their jobs or reputation if they can identify red flags by what recruits are saying on social media.