Miami recruit flashes 'The U' while on Florida State logo


Al Blades Jr. probably won’t be invited back to Florida State anytime soon. When you’re a Miami commitment, that’s the way it ought to be, too.

Blades, born into Canes royalty, was visiting the Seminoles this past weekend for the spring game. In the comforts of an empty Doak Campbell Stadium, Blades stood on the Seminole logo at midfield and saluted “The U.”

Blades posted the picture to his Twitter account after previously writing the image was too “disrespectful” and would have “FSU fans upset.”

Understanding that much of what makes college football fun are the rivalries, especially when kept mostly light hearted, Florida State junior cornerback Jalen Ramsey laughed it off. In a Twitter reply, Ramsey made a “promise” it would be the last time Blades made that gesture while visiting Tallahassee.

Ramsey, who plays the same position as Blades, gave the young standout a salute of his own -- this one for having the courage to pull off the picture and energizing a rivalry that has become somewhat stagnant the last decade. Jimbo Fisher is 5-0 against the Canes, having outscored them by nearly 100 points.

There’s nothing wrong with incensing the rival fan base a little, especially when it’s boosting a series that was among college football’s best during its prime. Blades’ dad, Al, and uncles Bennie and Brian, played at Miami and were involved in some of the greatest FSU-Miami games, including the 1987 contest in which the Canes won 26-25 after Florida State attempted a go-ahead two-point conversion.

Hopefully both Florida State and Miami fans view the post through the proper context and keep the good nature Blades and Ramsey exhibited.

Unfortunately, Blades likely won’t be back inside Florida State’s stadium until 2019; he’s still only a high school freshman and won’t sign with Miami until 2018. Odds are Florida State won’t extend an invite of its own either.