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Sunday, February 17, 2013
Westphal recaps Michigan visit

By Tom VanHaaren

Michigan set the standard for 2014 defensive back Parrker Westhpal (Bolingbrook, Ill./Bolingbrook) on his initial visit to Ann Arbor, and that feeling remains after his trip on Sunday. Westphal took in the basketball game against Penn State with his brother Brandon and father Brian, and says the Wolverines still stick out.

"I still feel the same about Michigan," he said. "The coaches are all good, the fans and the facilities are great. It helped Michigan because I have a better feel with the coaches and I can speak a lot more with them."

Westphal spent an hour with defensive coordinator Greg Mattison talking about how he would fit into the defense at Michigan. Mattison explained how they need big, physical corners and that Westphal fits that bill.

There wasn't much that was new for the Westphal's on the visit, but it was mainly about getting more comfortable with the coaching staff and building that relationship. Every trip they make it seems as though that bond grows closer as well.

"It just seems more open and free, it's not so much short answers. We see you doing this, or that. It seems more personal now," Brian Westphal said. "Coach Mattison, the first few times we saw him he was new there. Hew knew some stuff about Parrker, but now he's had a year where he's learned a lot about Parrker. You can tell when he says something about Parrker it's what he feels and not what he thinks because of other information he's gotten."

There weren't many specific questions that were asked because Westphal hasn't narrowed things down yet. Once that process happens, both he and his father will have more questions and will go more in depth with each school.

"I'm still kind of listening to what everyone is saying and how they're saying it," Brian said. "When it gets closer to him narrowing things down I'll have more questions. I don't know 100 percent what Parrker wants to do yet, so to ask all these schools specific questions he might not even be interested in them. Michigan is obviously in the upper food chain, but I'm still kind of waiting on Parrker."