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Tuesday, February 5, 2013
2015 DT Daylon Mack talks TAMU

By Sam Khan Jr.

While he is only a sophomore, Gladewater (Texas) High School defensive tackle Daylon Mack is already receiving plenty of attention as a recruit.

The 2015 prospect, who stands 6-foot-1 and weighs 310 pounds, holds a half-dozen offers, with Oklahoma, Texas and Texas A&M topping the list.

So far, the school that offered him first, Texas A&M, is the one that seems to have his attention the most.

Mack attended an A&M game this season and attended the Aggies' first junior day on Jan. 27 -- one of only two sophomores that were in attendance. He still remembers when the Aggies first showed interest in him.

"I still remember the day they offered me," Mack said. "I remember it was a Tuesday during the season and we had just played our first district game. They had called [Gladewater] coach [Jerrod] Baugh and told him that they wanted to offer me a scholarship. I finished up the season after that and they started coming down and showing interest."

While attending the Aggies' junior day, Mack got to know his recruiting coach -- offensive line coach B.J. Anderson -- as well as other Aggies coaches a little better.

"It's been real good," Mack said. "I really like Coach Anderson and Coach [Terry] Price the defensive line coach, he's really cool. Coach [Kevin] Sumlin is just too cool. It's been a great experience getting to know them. I got to hang out with them at the campus and stuff and view the campus and get some of the questions answered for my parents and stuff."

His meeting with Sumlin left him impressed.

"I was really in shock," Mack said. "I was thinking 'Man, I'm talking to Kevin Sumlin.' That was a huge deal. I remember thinking 'I'm just a sophomore and I get to do all this.' It was really great. It was a real great experience to get to do all that."

While other schools have showed interest, Mack said that A&M being the first to offer meant a lot.

"They told me I have a scholarship there and that they wanted me there and to be their top target and to offer me before I even started playing great, probably before I even knew I was going to be good," he said. "For them to have that much faith in me, that I would turn out to be a pretty good player, that's a huge deal."

The junior day went well enough that Mack said he considered committing while on the trip, but he didn't because it was his first junior day and his parents advised him to not rush things and make sure to visit other schools as well.

"I told them I was real big on A&M," Mack said. "I really wanted to go. They said 'take your time.' That's really the only college we've visited. We're going to go visit Oklahoma I think during spring break some time. We're going to see some other colleges so I can compare them to A&M. I really don't think it's going to get better from what I've seen from A&M."

In addition to Oklahoma, Mack also said he has been invited to SMU's junior day on Feb. 16. He also has hopes to go to camps this summer at A&M, TCU and possibly Oklahoma. Texas has recruited him also but Mack said he hasn't talked to the Longhorns in "maybe about three weeks, maybe four."

While interest continues to ramp up in Mack, he's focused on baseball season, a sport that he played long before football. He plays first base, third base and pitches for Gladewater.

"Baseball, I've been playing that ever since T-ball," Mack said. "I played Super Series and all that stuff. I used to have a baseball tournament every weekend. My brother's the same way. I didn't really start playing football until the eighth grade."