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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Q&A: 2014 S Dylan Sumner-Gardner

By Max Olson

Just because Dylan Sumner-Gardner committed to Clemson last June doesn’t mean the 2014 safety is shutting down his recruiting process. Far from it, in fact.

The coveted West Mesquite (Texas) defensive back attended Texas A&M’s junior day last weekend and trips to Oklahoma and Texas are coming up next. Sumner-Gardner broke down where his commitment to the Tigers stands and what he thinks of the other schools chasing him this spring.

HornsNation: How was the Texas A&M junior day on Sunday?

Dy lan Sumner-Gardner: I really like Texas A&M. It’s a great place to go to, the coaches are cool and they have a great atmosphere to be in.

HN: And that’s going down as a pretty memorable Sunday for you, isn’t it?

Sumner-Gardner: Yeah, I got baptized right before I got on the road to head to College Station. It was really good. I gave my life to the Lord and he’s blessed me with everything I have now, so that was good.

HN: What did Aggies coaching staff have to say to you?

Sumner-Gardner: When I talked to coach [Kevin] Sumlin he wanted to let me know that they are really, really interested in me. He said he didn’t want me to leave Texas A&M feeling that Texas A&M didn’t want me, because they really, really do. When I was talking to coach [Marcel] Yates, we were just chilling and having a good time and talking about what they’re trying to do at Texas A&M.

HN: And then you followed that up with Mack Brown coming to West Mesquite on Monday. What did you think of that?

Sumner-Gardner: Yeah, Mack came to school. He wanted to let me know that he really wants me to get down to the Texas junior day. That was really it. He really wants me to get down to Texas.

HN: Have both of those schools made it clear they think you’re one of the best safeties around?

Sumner-Gardner: Everybody really has. Alabama, Oregon, Nerbaska, Clemson, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, Baylor -- everybody is talking to me.

HN: Where does your commitment to Clemson stand right now?

Sumner-Gardner: Right now, I know the coaches are real guys about commitment. I’m still committed to Clemson. None of these junior days will really change my mind. I’ve talked to coach [Brent] Venables about it, he just said they understand the situation and they want me to still be 100 percent with my commitment.

HN: What other junior day trips did you have planned for this spring?

Sumner-Gardner: I’m going to Oklahoma this weekend. The Sooners have a really good program. They have rich tradition. It was good growing up and seeing all that. I really want to see the education, because that’s the No. 1 thing for me right now.

HN: What do you think of the 2014 classes that Texas and Texas A&M have put together? They’ve got a combined 13 commits already.

Sumner-Gardner: They’re putting together two classes that are going to be some of the best of 2014. The top players are going to the top schools. Clemson has a real good class too. It’s all about what school you fit in and like.

HN: After going to A&M and Texas, do you think you’ll feel much of a tug to want to stay in-state? How do you feel about that?

Sumner-Gardner: It feels good knowing I have Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma to choose from that’s close to home, especially if something were to happen where I do have to stay close to home.